Providing a real-time view of cyber resilience against that of industry peers.




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UX / UI Design

User Research

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Problem, insights, and solution

Understanding the problem, evaluating potential solutions, and familiarising myself with the customer's perspective.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for CISOs and Cyber Security affiliated executives to determine risk strategy without having the right tools in place.
How do we provide a clear picture of organisational cyber security resilience and guide our clients Cyber Risk strategy.
A data-driven platform that empowers customers to assess, compare, and enhance their cyber resilience through industry standard benchmarking.
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User interviews and persona development

Working closely with the Product Manager and Lead Researcher, we aimed to identify the challenges our clients and consultants were experiencing.

  • CISO / Security Executive

    Person responsible for the approval of a comprehensive security strategy; evaluating the threat landscape and devising policy and controls to reduce risk.


    • Lack of oversight for real-time solutions

    • Lack of time to review

    • No current access to a tool with data represented clearly to use in boardroom reports

    • Difficulty in oversight of organisational results against industry peers

  • Cyber Security Consultant

    Responsible for assessing, implementing, and managing security measures to protect against cyber threats and ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data.


    • Lack of oversight for real-time solutions

    • Lack of time to review

    • No current access to a tool with data represented clearly to use in boardroom reports

    • Difficulty in oversight of organisational results against industry peers

Key Features

Key requirements

We conducted brainstorming sessions with the team and stakeholders to generate feature ideas. Afterward, we prioritised features based on user needs and feasibility, developed a road map, and created user stories.

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A holistic view

A comprehensive perspective of cyber resilience achieved through data collected from evaluations against industry frameworks and technical assessments.

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Data-driven dashboards

Smart, data-driven dashboards to offer visibility for evaluating, comparing, and enhancing security posture against relevant industry benchmarks.

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Trending data points

Utilise established, trend data points to assess progress made since previous evaluations and to strengthen investment and business strategies.

User flow

I created user flows to map users' journeys in our digital product, helping the team and stakeholders understand user navigation and identify potential issues or confusion.

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Benchmark comparison

Given the benchmark comparison feature's critical importance to the platform, it was essential to identify the most effective and simple solution.

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Consultant dashboard

It was important to us that the platform enhanced our consultants' processes. We gained insights into their operational patterns and identified opportunities through interviews and user testing.

Benchmark data
Ability to download benchmark data helps equip consultants with a clearer perspective on their clients' industry standing.
Create reports
Facilitating report generation directly on the platform would boost efficiency, and ensure consistent client reports.
Client scores
Immediate access to current scores and industry benchmarks empowers consultants with insights during client consultations.
Manage reports
Offering a more detailed view of historical assessment data adds significant value and context to consultants' work.
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User Testing

User testing and iterations

I crafted a prototype to identify any potential issues with the platform. Users were asked to perform specific tasks while vocalising their thought processes.

First impressions
The system's comparison feature is simple and user-friendly.
Presentation of results is in an expected format and collected consistent user satisfaction.
The guided tour was effective for beginners.
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Features & data
Introduced the ability to select and view previous assessments to compare scores.
Users found value in trending graphs for monitoring progress and trends.
Tabular approach seems efficient and easy to learn.
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Uploading a report
Consultants immediately understood how to upload a client report.
Once report was uploaded, users expected to be automatically navigated to that report.
Introduce a feature to notify client that report has been uploaded.
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Design handover

I created a well-crafted handover document. It is indispensable for developers as it fosters collaboration, minimizes errors, and ultimately contributes to the success of the project.

About project
About pages provide everyone with a clear vision of the project by outlining the objectives, roadmap, and any relevant documentation. This ensures that anyone new to the project quickly understands the team's culture and goals.
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Design documentation
Design documentation bridges the gap between design and development, offering vital technical details like dimensions, pixel ratios, and responsive behaviour—crucial for developers to translate design concepts into functional code.
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Product prototype
Providing developers with a product prototype gives them insights into user flow and navigation patterns, enabling them to implement it in a way that aligns with the overall user experience goals.
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Key takeaways

Product achievements

Meaningful benchmarking:
Data from diverse organisations and industry sectors enables valuable peer comparisons.
Investment validation:
Data-driven insights empower decision-making, validating current and future investments.
Enhanced visibility:
Intuitive interface and Cyber Security Resilience Score pinpoints areas for business improvement.

Potential improvements

Shifting towards a CSR portal direction may further streamline our consultants workflow and encourage platform engagement.

Consider removing datasets that lack the depth needed for clients to assess vulnerabilities and take action.

Consolidating existing and new products into a unified customer portal reduces replication costs and total ownership expenses, while also providing consultants with an all-in-one platform for managing the entire cyber risk lifecycle.

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Next project. Next project. Next project.

Next project. Next project. Next project.